From art to optics…

My fascination with art is not new to those of you who read my blog.

Today I wanted to mention a scientist and inventor whom I admire very much: Susan Houde-Walter.

What really fascinates me about her is the career path: from art to science. She was an art student who got interested in holography and using holograms as an art form and eventually became a scientist, inventor and started her own company making miniaturised laser systems.

It is unusual to find people who start life in arts and pick up science and maths and go into these careers. Typically we find migration the other way. But I wonder what it is like inside the head and imagination of someone who is as creative both artistically and scientifically?

Not only that, Susan has been a President of the Optical Society of America in 2005. so there are a lot of superlatives there….



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