A special Easter present

I woke up today feeling excited with a  tremendous sense of anticipation.

Easter means chocolate so you might think that was what it was- but it was a whole lot more!

My very first PhD student thesis submission as a supervisor!

It almost felt like I was submitting- that is how great the feeling is. After 4 years to see a student reach the finish line (well almost, pending the viva) and be there with them on the journey is incredible.

There are highs and lows, calculations gone wrong, errors discovered, papers rejected (and the heartache that engenders) and the sense of accomplishment when the results show something new, papers are accepted…

As a supervisor facilitating the learning process for a student, and guiding them on the journey (which admittedly can be rocky at times) where they can feel they are a scientist is huge privilege. I think the learning goes both ways, and at times it is not clear who the student is.

This feeling today is liking climbing a mountain and seeing a beautiful view. I hope there will be more such in the future!