Smart Students, Smart Shirts and Smart Outcomes

I feel so happy today in writing this blogpost.

rodrigo-2Rodrigo, a student who did his final year  dissertation under my supervision, designed a smart shirt to detect temperature, ECG and sweat. More on his project can be seen in this  file: rodrigo-brochure.

Rodrigo designed and implemented  a smart wearable shirt, which monitored real time heart rate and upper thoracic temperature, as well detected sweat secretion as indication of dehydration.

He not only got a 1st in his project, but this project was chosen for 3rd prize in Made at City Competition. Rodrigo won a medal, and a cash prize!rodrigo-1

The work he did was amazing: he applied so much of what he had learned in his course on Biomedical Engineering and the research reading he did to something practical.

Every year we supervise many students and some of them get good grades. But it is rare to get a student with such passion who really applies the knowledge earned to create something useful in such an innovative manner.

I enjoyed working with him and I hope his story can encourage other students in doing work they find exciting and enjoyable.

Certainly as his supervisor I enjoyed it!



Royal Society Athena Prize for Equality

The inaugural Royal Society Athena Prize 2016 recognises individuals and teams in the UK research community who have contributed towards the advancement of diversity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in their institutions and organisations.

This year I am really thrilled to say my Research Centre, was awarded a runners up prize!You can read more on this here.

The Centre was cited as ‘acting as a role model for inclusiveness by promoting good practice and addressing cultural barriers both nationally and internationally’

The Royal Society Athena Prize 2016, comprising a medal and a £5k gift, was awarded to the London Mathematics Society’s Women in Mathematics Committee, recognised for introducing a broad range of initiatives in the field of mathematics resulting in a change of culture that has happened nationwide in mathematics.

These initiatives are important to draw attention and effort from the scientific community towards equality and diversity.

If only there was a prize for equal pay too!