Some more non-linearity

In recent times I have focused my blogposts on events that I attended.

Today I feel some pleasure in going back to writing a bit about my research.

In a recent journal article that we published we explored how an ultra broadband Supercontinuum in the mid Infra Red part of spectrum can be efficiently generated in spiral chalcogenide PCF.

We showed by numerical simulations an SCG spectra that spanned more than 3 Octave from 1.3-11 micron and beyond. The difficulties in generating SCG in these wavelength regimes include lack of sources at appropriate pump wavelengths, such sources of sufficiently high power, as well as waveguides that have zero and flat dispersion near the pump.

With the Equiangular Spiral PCF,  it is possible to modify both the dispersion (making it flat and close to zero @ the choice of pump wavelength)  as well as have a well confined modal field with large non-linearity.

What this work offers along with Disperison and nonlinearity control is the additional control of absorption: possibility  of a cladding  made of the same material as the core (only airholes are introduced for guidance) which overcomes the problem of absorption seen in other proposed/fabricated planar waveguide and step index chalcogenide based designs.

It goes without saying that the results were exhilarating and I now look forward to taking this work further, preferably with someone who can fabricate and test the design!

So if you want to collaborate do get in touch!


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