Fun, Games and Teaching

Recently in my first year Physics class I posed a problem to my students:

What is the most efficient way of determining if a given point lies inside a given polygon?

At the end of the context, I give the code my students sent me. And a game one of them created!!!

This is a real and living research problem. For me the context  is this: in the Finite Element mesh I construct, sometimes we want to move one of the nodes in a mesh element so that the photonic structure/boundary is better represented. The trouble is determining which node to move out of all the nodes in the element. Since you may have to do this for a large mesh with close to 100,000 elements, it must be fast, accurate and reliable.

So the students sent me this:

  1. Python code (by Riad Ibadulla) :

n=int(input(“Enter the size of polygon: “))
print(“Enter the coordinates of polygon: “)
for i in range(n):
print(“Enter the coordiantes of the point: “)
for i in range(n):
if z>0:
if j==n:
print(“belongs to polygon”)
print(“out of the polygon”)

2. A game, Galactic Waste Man (by Kenneth Evbuomwan) that uses logic that is central to the problem posed. The code is available here: GameController.

So can your algorithm match/beat what my first years have done?



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