Optical illusions, lighting and art

I had a great time yesterday visiting Chain Reaction,a  show at the Kircaldy’s Testing Museum.

The show brought together engineers and artists to put together an interactive display. By clever lighting and use of their signature technique which blends music, light, sound etc. a sense of movement with which the observor could interact was created.

There were exhibits for example, of a swinging chain. When the observor puts her/his hand in a metal ring (breaking the LED light beam that a sensor can sense) the lighting stops so the chain seems to stop swinging. Similarly falling blocks that break, can be stopped or seemingly frozen in mid air by breaking the light path between an LED source and sensor. the accompanying music that mimics the sounds of things falling and shattering (in the case of the blocks) or the swinging chain make the effects very realistic. You actually feel there is a chain swinging towards you!

It challenges perception and the technique of creating such an exhibit is quite exciting. I won’t spoil the fun, look it up at the Trope website!


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