An early Christmas present

The past month has been very hectic and filled with submissions, marking, student presentations etc…

Now that Christmas is almost upon us I wanted to relfect on the year a little, given the few minutes of breathing space!

Perhaps the biggest achievement or exciting journey that has begun for me is the launch of the Women in Photonics (WiP) initiative of the IEEE Photonics Society. As the Asosciate Vice President of WiP my job is to get more women into and onwards in Photonics. This may not directly have anything to do with my career, but I relish the opportunity to contribute something positive and help make those changes happen that I believe are needed. It is the first step in a long process which will I am sure throw up challenges and frustrations. But along the way I hope there will be real progress and when I am 65 I can look back on this with some satisfaction and say “I was part of this change”.

From a technical point of view satisfaction has come in working with an experimental group. We simulated the optical properties of solar cells, whilst my collaborators fabricated and characterized these. There is so much joy in watching the numerical results closely explain the measured data! Our joint paper is now published and available.

What lies ahead:
The biggest thing on the horizon is the OWTNM 2015 which I am chairing and organising. Getting to grips with making an international conference happen is huge: somethings are incredibly simple and common sense (no matter how tough it all looks) and others are fiddly and cumbersome (no matter how easy they may appear). It is only after the event is over will I know how it really went.

There are ofcourse many other things to look forward to. I will be giving a short course at CLEO 2015 again. There is the collaborative work with Aston university on spiral waveguides in Lithium Niobate.
And much more..

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and fabulous 2015.


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