All set and ready to go!

Today or shall I say tonight is the big night!

A high profile launch of the Women in Photonics (WiP) initiative of the IEEE Photonics Society at the IEEE Photonics Conference in San Diego. As the AVP of the Women in Photonics, I will be a co-host of the reception, standing next to the society president, Dalma Novak, and giving a small presentation.

This is a big deal for many reasons:
– reception will have 100+ people
– getting people on board for WiP, and that includes men
– creating the strategy for WiP that will really make a difference
– implementing this strategy with the help of the many volunteers we are looking for

This initiative is very close to my heart, because it gives me the platform to do something about improving the lot of women in STEM as opposed to simply thinking and talking about it.

Each one of us man or woman, from a developing or developed country, have been lucky recipients of the work done by our predecessors in the opportunities and freedom we have. In our small way it is important we contribute to a legacy for our successors as well!


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