How did we get here?

Have you wondered how you reached the particular point you are at (in a project/relationship/job/career..)?

I just realised that I had started this blog with the intention of writing primarily about my research interests and current work. I realise now that for the most part I write about loads of other stuff. The blog has become a means to voice my opinions on Science policy, education, Science related media and so much more….
Little did I know that having a platform to voice one’s views is dangerous: it can draw a person in and captivate them.

So I shall try and be good and balance the writing a bit and write a little bit more on research as was the original plan. Though I can’t quite give up writing about the other stuff…

The question is how does one end up here, having drifted (in this case in a pleasant way) from the original purpose?

By artiagrawal Posted in General

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