Wednesday and thursday at CLEO

So the jet lag is a little better and I was able to make more of the conference.
Which meant that yesterday I overdid the work: no time for lunch and even dinner!

Wednesday began with the presentations that recognised the new IEEE and OSA class of fellows. It was lovely to see these brilliant people being recognised for their contributions to Photonics.

Then came the fabulous presentation by John Dudley on International Year of Light (IYL). IYL is a big deal: the UN General Assembly has declared 2015 as the international year of light and light based technologies, recognising the huge role optics plays in daily lives and the hope it offers in solving the big challenges we face.
This is tremendously exciting because it means that next year the whole world will talk about light and what it can do. So for once, all of us who work with light, can bask in some public attention of our area and perhaps our own individual work. It also is a great time to get involved in and perhaps start work to reach out within our local communities to educate and and engage people about light. Have a look at the IYL website to see how you can link in!

David Payne then followed up this with his plenary talk on the future of fibres. As usual his talk was brilliant – as a speaker he is phenomenal and really knows how to make an impact on his audience. He even had a short (home made) movie on a more esoteric aspect of his talk!
One of the things he spoke about which I found very interesting was on anti-resonant hollow core fibre designs. Have a look at this paper that he cited.

Then most of my day was spent talking to many exhibitors at the conference. I am trying to raise some money to make a short documentary film on Optics for IYL. So it was a long day (enjoyable but very tiring).

the day ended with more networking over drinks in the reception and now I am missing the second half of the world cup opener between Brazil and Croatia to write this post and listen to some talks on solar cells. Such is my commitment!


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