Do you know the way

to San Jose?

Or so goes the song by Dionne Warwick! And why I ask the question, is that San Jose is where I am right now attending CLEO 2014.

Part of me is sleep walking because of the time difference and jet lag while the other part is enjoying the conference.
My short course,SC410, was today morning and had a full attendance…lots of questions and interaction which made it fun.

The interesting thing about this conference, is that apart from the formal technical sessions, there are several special sessions taking place at various times. For example, a session where people could meet the editors-in-chief of some of the top OSA journals. While others included the topical group meeting on metamaterials, and the one I attended from 6.45-8pm on Optics for Energy. In this session there were very short presentations and time for networking and informal discussions, rather than the standard Q&A that follows each talk and then everyone has to rush off to the next session!

After my own short course, I managed to elude the jet lag long enough to listen to a talk on hyper crystals.. the basic principle is really marrying photonic crystals and metamaterials: this way one can obtain the best features of both! Have a look at this paper and see what you make of it.

In other news: ThorLabs is celebrating 25 years and sponsored free cake (which tasted so much like the pineapple pastries I used to eat in Delhi growing up)- nothing quite like the taste of childhood! the gripe with Thorlabs is however that the T-shirts they are giving out this year are a slightly garish pink-purple for women and blue for men. So here we go again with the blue is for boys and pink is for girls…Why the gender stereotyping? This is especially irritating because as a general rule I love the Thorlabs T-shirts. Ah well.

Tomorrow is a busy day with a few talks to listen, but for the most part I intend to meet the exhibitors…


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