For CLEO in San Jose

Its been a long time since I posted or so it feels…

Work has been manic and I feel like there is a mountain to climb everyday. However, not all of it is bad. Some of the work has been for CLEO: I shall be giving a short course “Finite Element Modelling Methods for Optics and Photonics”, course number SC410 on the 10th of June. So I have been preparing the entire course slides and its taken some doing (about 130 slides!)

Needless to say I am excited as this is my first short course and I am really looking forward to talking about my subject. Its a great opportunity to really get into how numerical methods work, especially the FEM. I hope the attendees will enjoy it and find it useful.

I am also looking forward to the conference and hearing the great talks. I am really keen to learn more about attosecond Physics…(some how I really feel this field will open up new Science).
Then there will be the fabulous shopping!

May be I will see you there!


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