Opening minds in Delhi

Hey! You may have wondered why I didn’t post anything new here for a few days..I was missing in action so to speak. I am in Delhi to attend a workshop on computational photonics co-sponsored by the Royal Society and the DST of India.

I have spent a brilliant 3 days attending this workshop, meeting people and listening to some great talks. The informal format and relatively small size meant there was a real opportunity to interact for the participants.

The topic of the workshop meant that I had a keen professional interest. Listening to the various talks on different computational methods and having sufficient time to discuss with the speakers was great: at the end many of us were thinking of trying other techniques than the ones we usually specialise in. There is a tendency for many to use, popularise and advance a technique they espouse and to usually stick to that one for the most part. It is rare to use several techniques. These 3 days however have convinced me that using the best technique is more important than using “my” technique.

In that very vein, these were the techniques that I enjoyed listening about:
– VOpt method which applies the Variational method (see for example,
– TLM or Transmission Line Matrix method
– Using the scattering approach in the FEM.The speaker, Uday Khankhoje, also spoke about very exciting applications (remote sensing for figuring out surface structures of planetary satellites such as Enceladus)

I am excited about trying some of these methods.

Cheers for now!

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