Winter Olympics, Ravel and Science

The title of this post may seem crazy but there is a logic to this madness!

While watching the ice skating event (on TV alas) at the Winter Olympics, I heard presentors talking about the Tovrill and Dean performance (watch at this link) set to the music of Bolero by Ravel.
The routine won the performers a gold medal and they became the highest scoring figure skaters in the world, receiving perfect 6.0 from all judges for artistic impression. The dance is indeed gorgeous.

The music of Bolero however just took my head apart!

To me Bolero is the spirit of Science and hence the title of the post. I am no music expert or afficinado and so I write here about my emotional reaction to this piece. The drums with their regular beat (to me) so beautifully catch the logical and systematic aspect of Science, while the clarinets, tuba and flutes with their whimiscal, dreamy and in turns soaring notes perfectly capture just those aspects about Science. I didnt think that a musical composition could express the nature of Science- to my extreme pleasure and surprise for me Bolero does just that!

Hear it and tell me what you think.


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