A six sided challenge

Hello all!

Recently an idea occured to me and I am looking for someone to work with me on this: the idea is to find the modes of a 6 sided (hexagonal) cavity. If anyone is aware of the solution (published somewheree) please let me know, I would be most grateful.
Otherwise, I want to use the results in a study. Would happily give first authorship of a paper using this result to a collaborator who works out the analytical results and works with me on using these.
I realise this information is sketchy, but I dont know if the idea will work, (hey its research so dont know all the answers). It came to me while going over some notes on Fabry Perot (FP) resonators, that we know the modes and FSR for the FP. How do we get the modes for a differently shaped cavity, analytically?

All thoughts and ideas welcome!


By artiagrawal Posted in General

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