Symbols and such like

Today I received in the post my IEEE Senior Member plaque. 

I had known that I had been elected to Senior member status a few weeks ago when I got an email from the IEEE. So the plaque wasnt unexpected (knew it was coming)- its fairly timely arrival was. And more so that i was quite pleased to see this wood and brass object.

Usually I feel such symbols are vulgar so I hadnt really wanted this display object (you cant opt out it seems!). And now I am in two minds: is it really a bit loud to display this plaque and shout (visually) at all visitors about achievements? Or is this a physical symbol, something to look at and think “yes its real, did achieve this…” on dark days?

I have similar confused feelings about professional affiliations etc that often appear on business cards, email signatures and the like:

On one hand these affilitations, memebrships, degrees etc. are a shorthand CV, a quick way to establish credentials. On the other it seems pompous. I am aware that women often also suffer from the so called imposter syndrome (feeling that you arent really that good, feeling like a fraud who doesnt belong at this level) so it may well be a contributing factor towards this discomfort with displaying titles/achievements without a specfic context.

What do you think? How do you feel?




One comment on “Symbols and such like

  1. Congratulations! Another feather in your cap. A medallion for your contribution towards research. So, why not, in my view, you can (must surely!) display this honour. I feel, students (I think I would be) visiting your room will be motivated on seeing their boss’ honours. Criteria for becoming a SM is itself tougher. And this plaque, you will possibly be displaying in your room, which adds beauty too. Imagine a room full of honours displayed, we will surely be motivated. Such recognitions, as you mentioned, quickly say about yourself. You may not be saying to someone visiting you that you’ve achieved a SM status, but they’d be knowing when they see this plaque, your strength. It’d be a driving factor for yourself too. It’s not like showing off, you are modest still. My opinion, such honours, received after years and years of hardwork and patience, only are worth displaying. My best wishes for your future endeavors. Keep achieving!!

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