Grant me a break!

This week is madness: the submission deadline of all the grants in Photonics seem to be falling in it. Which means that if one intends to apply for even a few of these grants, it is working till you reach ‘zombie’ level!

So I am applying for 2 Royal Society grants, one UKIERI grant. The deadlines are 28 and 31 May. Giving me no time to breathe.

The RS equipment grant (28th may deadline) was easiest to apply since there was little dependence on other people and no coordination required. The other two however are a different story: one is a grant to organise a 3 day workshop and the other is a research project between Indian and UK partners. Which means working with international partners, getting letters of support from various Heads of Department, agreement to participate from several people, working out budgets with many partners etc. etc. 

While I hope the applications will be successful, right now I feel buried. I need a holiday!!


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