Au Revoir, Munich!

You may wonder why I didn’t write a post entitled, “Thursday at the Laser World of Photonics”. Well the reason is that I didn’t get much time at the conference at all!

The day began badly with the front desk staff at the hotel having bungled up my reservation, and after spending some time with them it was still not resolved. So I left for the conference, and took the U-Bahn only to reach Joesphsplatz on the network to find that there was some trouble and the trains were not going till the station that serves the venue. So it took me 2 hours and some back and forth on the train, a bus ride to get there. I then spent some time trying to find emails and documents that would resolve my hotel problem, had lunch and then hurried back to the hotel! As you can guess, I didn’t really attend many presentations.

So a bit of a bummer.

However, I enjoyed my stay in Munich overall. I have already spoken of the technical talks that I heard and particularly liked. I did do more than that though, as you would expect!
So I enjoyed the Weissbier which I sampled from no less than 3 different breweries over the weekend after the conference. While visiting the English Garden I also saw some intrepid young surfers in action in the small river/stream that runs through the garden. I visited some old churches, bought a pair of snazzy sunglasses, lots of chocolates and eventually a cuckoo clock (for my brother) from the Munich Airport. Walked around Marienplatz, took the tram and basically felt that Munich is a lovely, graceful city.

I hope I get to visit for another conference!


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