Hello from Munich!

I am here in Munich to attend the Laser World of Photonics conference which combines several meetings: CLEO Europe, European Conference on Biomedical Optics, Optical Metrology, Lasers inManufacturing…

As you can imagine, its a huge affair! There are many many attendees and the programme has so many sessions and talks that its mind boggling.

Well, what I intend to do in the next 4 days is to write short blogposts on the talks I hear/posters i see in the conference. I hope that you will enjoy that.

Meanwhile first impressions of Munich:

Pretty city but expensive… my hotel costs a bomb (or so it seems for more than a 100euro a night and doesnt even have wi-fi!) . the metro/underground is great. very easy to use. Since i arrived some what late last night on a Saturday evening, wasnt sure about finding food at 10pm. But had a very very lovely Vietnamese dinner at a place called Koriander in the Scwhabing area. Guess you will be hearing from me about food and sites and shopping as much as the talks!



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