I am in India right now, and in this trip home, I have had the chance to catch up with old friends. But a reunion with friends has led to a lot more than I expected.

One friend (we did our doctoral work in the same lab at IIT Delhi) now teaches at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University, where I had done my undergraduate studies. So when we met at  Stephen’s I expected a pleasant time seeing my beloved college, meeting some of my old professors and catching up with a close friend.


I was dragged into giving an impromptu talk to the Physics Honours students! While giving talks (even those at short notice) is not new to me nor is the enjoyment that comes in interacting with people, this talk was special. To be in the same lecture theatre where I spent 3 very happy years beginning my journey into Physics, made me relive those time. Standing at the same lectern from which my inspiring teachers taught and giving a talk was an incredible feeling. I don’t think any talk I have ever given has given me quite so much of an emotional high as this. I don’t think this talk was my best, yet it was very satisfying to be there.

Sometimes its not about success, or achievements as much as it is about reconnecting. Its humbling and moving that even after all these years, on my return the College still had something more to give me.




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