Just another manic…

Monday, week, month, year…?

The way I feel right now, it seems that life has been manic for a very long time. I have postponed my doctor’s appointment twice due to lack of time.  The diary always seems to be full and each day I diligently work on many things, yet the ‘things to do’ list is unending. I feel mentally tired!

Now, I am not writing this to simply moan. I guess many of you feel this way too. So I wonder how people manage to relax, turn off the mind when going to bed, regain mental and physical energy?

Life feels like a treadmill that one can’t get off. It’s not all bad: lots of exciting work, adrenaline, enjoyment, new relationships, challenges.. Yet all these things amongst the tough stuff can tend to take over.

For me, exercise is a way to freshen the mind and unwind- when my body feels better my mind tends to follow. Meeting with friends helps and I get  a lot of energy from having a good conversation and laughter with people I like. One of my favourite ways is travel and I’ll post soon on an upcoming trip!

Stuff that I haven’t tried but have heard of includes

Gardening (it’s the good bacteria in the soil that apparently does the trick)

Acupuncture/acupressure (though I’m real scared of needles!)

Avoiding junk food and over-processed stuff like chocolates (though I don’t know if I could survive without choccies…)

What do you do, that works to de-compress?


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