Why I love my Librarian

….in a platonic way!

My blog is a result of my librarian’s influence- see my first post . And also that of the E-Learning Manager at the University.

I find that as an academic my work involves understanding, creating and reporting information. However, as a Physicist my training was focused (for good reason) on principles and techniques in Physics with logic and analysis forming a big part of the scientific approach.

Information specialists such as librarians and e-learning specialists look at information in a very different way. They are experts in how information can be obtained, filtered and communicated. They are aware of the latest media and techniques for information management.

My librarian, for example, helped me to learn and adopt the use of Refworks (a reference management software) in my writing. Now when writing papers, book chapters, grants etc. I use this tool that has simplified how I find, store and generate bibliographies. Its been a real boon!

Similarly, tools such as doodle, were suggested to me by Matt, the E-Learning specialist. Now when I have to schedule meetings with many people I use doodle polls to find convenient dates/times.

The next thing I plan to try is ‘Remember the Milk’ and IFTTT that I came across Matt’s blog.

IFTTT will help me to direct content to my kindle with minimum fuss and maximum reading ease and pleasure. I’ll report back on how I get on with RTM and IFTTT.

Meanwhile, I’d freely recommend everyone to get cosy with their information team!


One comment on “Why I love my Librarian

  1. And your librarians are very fond of you too!

    I love what you said about information specialists looking at information in a different way from academic specialists, that really rings true for me.

    You might be interested in this blog that some of the library team uses as training for ourselves last year – it’s called 23 Things City and covers a lot of online tools like the ones you’ve mentioned above: http://23thingscity.blogspot.co.uk/p/about-23-things.html.

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