Why I want to be a S(A)MOSA!


As a MOSA or member of Optical Society of America I have enjoyed several samosabenefits: discounted conference registration, access to journals, free OPN, resources for student chapters and most of all the opportunity to network with other people in Optics. It’s been worth paying the yearly membership dues for all these and other privileges.

OSA like other professional bodies has grades of membership and once you are a MOSA, the next step is SMOSA or senior member of OSA and finally FOSA or Fellow of OSA if you have done sufficient sterling work. These grades reflect achievement and seniority in the profession and also serve to add value to one’s CV.

All of the above sounds rather serious and highbrow.  But it tickles me just a little.

SMOSA immediately reminds me of samosa, a tasty Indian savoury snack. I really like the idea of being a S(A)MOSA. I don’t obviously want to be eaten alive by anyone.  Nor do I want false pretences to be my claim to fame: first live human samosa!

However, the merit of being a S(A)MOSA apart from the serious stuff and what that entails, is that it might just bring a smile to someone’s face and it may be cool to be associated with a delicious snack.

Now what could FOSA conjure up?


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